Photo: Txisti


The Faktoria is the conduit though which diverse artistic works will be created:

El silencio de las flores

This is the first work created at La Faktoria under the artistic direction of Marta Coronado, with choreographic assistance from Laida Aldaz and Carmen Larraz. This work came into being through the Príncipe de Viana Award 2017, won by José Laínez and Concha Martínez, creators of the first contemporary dance company in Spain, and who all the participants in the work have collaborated with at some time in their careers. Several generations of the creative universe of the Laínez family have come together for this piece commissioned to raise awareness of the aforesaid award. The premiere will take place at the Auditorio Barañáin on September 22nd.


This will be the second work created at La Faktoria and will be directed by Laida Aldaz and Helena Lizari to start in early 2019.

“Kirolak” is a choreography inspired by the Basque sports that have their origin in rural working life, using dance to transform them and give a new interpretation of the culture. This creation focuses on 8 sports: Aizkolaritza, gizon proba, harrijasotzea, lokotx biltzea, soka-tira, esku pilota, lasto altsatzea and txikiteo.

2016 saw the creation of a street work approximately 12 minutes long and dealing with the subject of 4 Basque sports. This street version has been performed at Dantza Hirian, Festival DNA16, Feria Fitur, Festival DDM, Fira Mediterránea with the collaboration of the Instituto Etxepare, in Brussels with the Delegación de Navarra, DNA18 and in Gares. Basing on this short piece, the artists decided to create a version approximately 1 hour long for performance in theatres and for which they received the Sortutatoak11 artistic residence by Dantzagunea, the Guipuzcoa house of dance, where they explored and went into more detail about the 8 sports for two weeks, leading to the birth of new artistic approaches. In 2018, DanzAlava granted them help for the choreographic assistance with Idoia Zabaleta. They have also received the Innova Cultural grant for cultural projects.