“We are gods with amnesia looking for our way home”

We are stone, we are stars, we are river, we are forest… we have not come to possess Nature.
Orígenes seeks in mythology a living dialogue with Nature.

Like many other indigenous cultures around the world, Basque mythology believes that our planet, Ama Lur, is a self-aware living being, Mari. She speaks to us through signs, symbols, art…

Orígenes is a coven, a ritual, that strips away meanings that have been imposed throughout the conquests, to travel through the ancestral calendar of celebrations, whose dates were determined by the cycles of the Earth, the Sun and the Moon.

Thus, the cadences of Nature are a beautiful metaphor for the cycle of human life, reminding us that we are passing through an infinite wheel.

Winter Solstice, where life is latent, Spring Equinox, in which life manifests itself to the world, Summer Solstice, season of fullness and celebration of our human condition and its pleasures, Autumn Equinox, moment of detachment, of maturity, acceptance of the cycle, and again the winter lethargy, which opens portals where we can communicate with the Universe before starting the cycle again.

Artistic direction: Carmen Larraz
Creation and interpretation: Álvaro Copado, Martín Los Arcos, Polina Tiabut, Stefano Mattiello y Carmen Larraz
Music creation: Hilario Rodeiro
Scenic creation: David Bernués
Costume design: Illazki Martirena
Distribution, graphic design and communication: Carolina Otamendi
Documentation: Guillermo Piqueras

With the help of the Government of Navarra, Huarte Center for Contemporary Art.
Produced by Dinamo Danza and co-produced by La Faktoria Choreographic Center.