Lur residencies

La Faktoria is an international centre for creation, research and training in contemporary dance and the arts of movement founded by the Navarran artists Marta Coronado, Laida Aldaz and Carmen Larraz.

The centre promotes several lines of work that provide the creative context for the development of artistic projects. The Residencias Lur aim to stimulate creative capacity, develop artistic thought and offer research tools to artists by providing them with the space and infrastructure to develop different types of creative processes.

La Faktoria has opens two calls for projects in the research and/or creation stages and aimed at national and international artists and groups working in the fields of dance and the live arts, focusing on the body and choreography.

The deadline for proposals will be from the 08/08/19 to the 08/09/19 at las 24:00 hrs. 2019 (local time). All documentation must be sent via the call on the website ( in Spanish or English.

The selection committee consists of : Carmen Larraz, Laida Aldaz and Marta Coronado.

For more information you can write us an email.



These residences have received Innova Cultural 2019 support from Fundación Caja Navarra and La Caixa.