Photo: Adolfo Lakunza

Lur residencies

LUR is an international artistic residency programme for contemporary dance and the arts of movement, part of La Faktoria Choreographic Centre in Pamplona. This programme was born out of a desire to stimulate creative capacity, develop artistic thinking and provide research tools for artists by offering them the space and infrastructure needed to develop diverse creative processes.

It is developed by means of research laboratories, where the artists immerse themselves in multidisciplinary processes, focussing on exploration, so that they also generate projects with artists interested in the fusion of diverse fields. In this way, we broaden the cultural offer of the province and generate an audience with greater interest in new forms of art. We promote the professionalization of the artists by showing the results, whether finished works, processes or research projects, in La Faktoria or theatres and museums the centre networks with. La Faktoria networks with other institutions, festivals and performance spaces where these artistic propositions can continue to develop and enhance their visibility. During the residencies, the creators will have access to seminars on different subjects that may well stimulate their research and lead to meetings with professionals from other artistic disciplines.

This is an international programme and, as such, promotes multiculturalism, creating work networks between artists and showing the province of Navarre as a cultural promotor to the rest of the world.