Photo: Blanca Razquin


The Faktoria is the conduit though which diverse artistic works are created:


Kirolak is inspired by the Basque sports, which have their origin in the work activities of the rural environment, and transforms them by reinterpreting them through dance, to give place to a more contemporary and poetic reading. Three dancers and two txalapartaris create an abstract imaginary based on the physicality and strength of sport. How to find sensitivity and poetry in strength, endurance and perseverance?

Laida Aldaz and Helena Lizari created in 2016 a short street piece around this theme, which was shown at Dantza Hirian, Festival DNA16, Fitur Fair, DDM Festival, Fira Mediterránea with the collaboration of the Etxepare Institute, in Brussels with the Delegation of Navarre, DNA18 and in the Kultur program of the Government of Navarre. From this show the artists have created a long version for theater, for which they received the artistic residence Sortutatoak11 of Dantzagunea, dance house of Guipuzkoa, the aid to the choreographic assistance of DanzÁlava and the aid Innova cultural 2018 of Fundación Caja Navarra and La Caixa. This new show will premiere on June 14, 2019 at the Casa de Cultura de Villava.

Direction: Helena Lizari & Laida Aldaz
Created and performed by: Koldo Arostegui, Laida Aldaz & Helena Lizari
Live music: Txalaparta Zaldizka, Mikel Casanellas & Silvia Munarriz
Light design and sound: David Bernués
Production & comunication: Rosa García

El silencio de las flores

This work was created under the artistic direction of Marta Coronado, with choreographic assistance from Laida Aldaz and Carmen Larraz. This work came into being through the Príncipe de Viana Award 2017, won by José Laínez and Concha Martínez, founders of the first contemporary dance company in Spain, and who all the participants in the work collaborated with at some time in their careers. Several generations of the creative universe of the Laínez family came together for this piece commissioned to raise awareness of the aforesaid award.

Choreography: Marta Coronado
Choreographic assisitance: Laida Aldaz & Carmen Larraz
Created and danced by: Cristina Goñi, Pablo Juanjo, Laida Aldaz, Carmen Larraz & Marta Coronado
Light design: David Bernués
Costumes: MG