Independent Artists

New dates:

  • Registration period from July 1 to 31
  • It will take place from September 2 to 20

A residency for the research and creation of choreographic proposals aimed at artists and groups, with more than 2 long pieces already created and who are developing projects in the field of contemporary dance and the live arts.

For more information you can write us an email to:



  • Studio 2 of La Faktoria for the development of the activity.
  • Financial support of 4,000 € (tax incl.)
  • Access to common spaces, rest room and dining room (microwave / fridge).
  • Accommodation: 2 bedroom apartment and parking space (5 minutes from La Faktoria).
  • Artistic accompaniment.
  • Production advice.
  • Contacts with local and international networks (theaters, houses of culture, art centers …).



  • To make a public presentation of the proposal at the end of the residency.
  • To teach a 2h class for a week to the international training programme students, as long as it fits pedagogic with programme.
  • The offer the possibility of generating open working process, sharing materials and establishing dialogue with other professionals.
  • To record a video describing the experience at the center.
  • To provide photos of the creative process to La Faktoria to promote the residency programme and the center.
  • To participate in other contexts and projects organized by the center and its collaborators that are seen as enriching the project.
  • The logo of La Faktoria will be added as co-producer in all communication of the project.



  • A single PDF (max 5 pages) with the following content: Description of the project, synopsis, work methodology, work schedule, objectives to be developed, a video with material from the creation process so far (rehearsals, opening of the process, etc.), complementary graphic materials, the relationship to develop in La Faktoria, biography of the artist, collective or company, as well as its collaborators and 2 video links to previous works.
  • Proposals that remain for the entire period will be positively valued. If the proposal is of a shorter duration, the financial assistance will decrease proportionally.


The selection criteria are: originality of the proposal, trajectory of the artist / collective and its work team, viability of the project and adaptation to La Faktoria.

These program of residences have received Innova Cultural 2019, 2020, 2021 and 2022 support from Fundación Caja Navarra and La Caixa.