Noche Barroca

“Noche Barroca” is a dance project organized and directed by Marta Coronado with the idea of inviting different dancers from Great Companies such as Rosas and Company Last Time to share the stage in an intergenerational show where improvisation is the point of union, Baroque music is the common thread and the relationship of friendship and sisterhood between the dancers is the main reason for the meeting.

The format is organized as an invitation to explore the different improvisation universes of the dancers. Each interpreter will bring her vision of her movement closer to reach a common point and establish a conversation where the style of each one is represented.

The performance ends with an open discussion between the artists and the public on the creative process and improvisation methods in dance.

Direction: Marta Coronado
Interpretation: Marta Coronado, Laura Aris and Clarissa Costagliola
Lighting: Fermín Blanco