LA FAKTORIA Choreographic Center offers an international training and research program in contemporary dance under the direction of Marta Coronado, Laida Aldaz & Carmen Larraz in the city of Pamplona north of Spain.

This program is designed for dancers who wish to open their knowledge and develop creative processes in an environment of artistic exchange.

First program (from January till June 2019) will house the following teachers and choreographers: Laura Aris, Alix Eynaudi, José Agudo, Judith Sanchez, Isael Mata, Martin Nachbar, Roberto Magro, Marta Coronado, Laida Aldaz & Carmen Larraz.

Second program (from September 2019 till June 2020):
Thomas Hauert, Mark Tompkins, Iñaki Azpillaga, Mat Voorter, Peter Jasko, Salva Sanchis, German Jauregui & more.


Laida Aldaz shared her vision on the future society

Requested about the coming society among significant figures in all fields of culture, Aldaz shared her thoughts on an inclusive and culturally diverse society that values the difference as a social asset. She pointed out in the direction of...

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Marta wraps up 2019 at La Faktoria

Generation2 will work with Marta Coronado for the last two weeks before the Christmas break. The encounter will represent the first opportunity for Marta to share time with the group and also an ending to 2019 at the school. The co-director of...

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Open call for independent artists

La Faktoria Choreographic Center opens call for applications to the upcoming research and creation residency of choreographic proposals. The residency calls for applicants who have had premiered two long pieces in the fields of dance and performance.

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Thi-Mai Nguyen arrives at La Faktoria

Next week La Faktoria students Generation2 will be enjoying Nguyen’s teaching. Thi-Mai Nguyen arrives at the school to share with the students her ‘Mouvement Situations’ workshop.

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Carmen Larraz at 948Merkatua

Elektrical Body will participate at 948Merkatua. The Navarra Arts market and professional forum is taking place in Pamplona 20,21 and 22 of November.

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La Faktoria offers an intensive international training programme headed by leading contemporary dance professionals. The programme lasts for a year, from September to June of the academic year. Between 25 and 28 national and international students are part of this specific programme that has the following teachers / choreographers:

Mark Tompkins, Albert Quesada, Mat Voorter, Thi -Mai Nguyen, Lali Ayguadé, Germán Jauregui, Jordi Vidal, Laura Aris, Marta Coronado, Carmen Larraz, Laida Aldaz, Isael Mata and Judith Sánchez.



In addition to the international training programme La Faktoria offers a variety of classes for non profesional public and people who want to discover dance in general.

The inscriptions to this Open Clases programme can be done via La Faktoria website.