Photo: Blanca Razquin

La Faktoria

La Faktoria is an international centre for creation, research and training in contemporary dance and the arts of movement.

Its activities focus on:

  • Classes, workshops and laboratories with internationally renowned choreographers and teachers, providing a wide range of techniques and approaches to contemporary dance.
  • Space and support for researching and generating creative proposals.

The pillars of action are: professional training, artistic residencies and research laboratories.
Each element is independent, although they act synergistically with the others.

Training, with teaching staff made up of a wide range of local, national and international artists, with professional support for creative processes, is aimed at students of 18 and over who aspire to dedicate themselves to professional dance and choreography in its numerous forms.

Creation, providing the space and infrastructure needed to generate diverse choreographic profiles.

Research, emphasising the need to stimulate reflection, questioning and research for this artistic language to enhance its development and quality.

Stimulating creative capacity, developing artistic thought and providing research tools are currently factors that are just as important as technical improvement when it comes to the professionalization of artists.

We believe that the human development of communities is vital for their cultural and artistic development and that is why we in Navarre want to provide the opportunity for artists to receive quality artistic training from a professional standpoint. La Faktoria aspires to become a platform that stimulates contemporary creation with dance as its central concept.