La Faktoria offers an intensive international training programme headed by leading contemporary dance professionals. The programme lasts for a year,from September to June of the academic year. Between 25 and 28 national and international students are part of this specific programme that has the following teachers / choreographers:


Laura Aris

Partnering work / Ultima Vez vocabulary



Albert Quesada

Move to listen

Mal Pelo


Isael Mata

Flying in to the gravity skills

Judith Sánchez

Functionality and Perspective in Dance
“Your Own God” Improvisation

Germán Jauregui

Última vez vocabulary + Partnering

Carmen Larraz

Klase teknikoa / inprobisazioa

Laida Aldaz

Floorwork & partnering
Site Specific, City in Creation

Martin Nachbar

Composition – Physical dramaturgy

Mark Tompkins

Real time composition/ Serious Fun

Daniel Abreu

Creative process / LUR creation residence

Marta Coronado

Tec. Release
Tools for a thinking body composition

The guest teachers/choreographers participating in the program are independent artist coming from the fields of Improvisation, Composition, Conceptual dance, and ex-dancers from companies such as Ultima Vez/ Wim Vandekeybus, Rosas company/Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker, Trisha Brown company, Akram Khan Company, Compagnie Zoo/Thomas Hauert, James Thiérrée.

Pol. Talluntxe Calle B, nº7
Noain (Navarra)
Tel. +34 848411888

Pol. Talluntxe Calle B, nº7
Noain (Navarra)
Tel. +34 848411888

Pol. Talluntxe Calle B, nº7
Noain (Navarra)
Tel. +34 848411888