Elektrical Body

Elektrical Body is the latest production of the Dinamo Danza company and is presently in the process of creation at La Faktoria Choreographic Center. Development started in 2018 with the Dantzaz company during Atalak. In 2019 it was one of the processes selected by theDNA 2019 festival for a research residency to take place at the Centro Huarte de Arte Contemporáneo.In 2020, assistance will be provided by Innova Cultural to develop the production of a piece for the stage, with the premiere programmed for Spring 2020, along with an educational project to be carried out in sixth-form colleges.

Elektrical Bodyis a choreographic creation process that uses movement to research the beauty of the magnetic forces that keep us interrelated in our Universe. It is inspired by the thinking of the scientist Nicholas Tesla and theories of subatomic physics.

Idea and direction: Carmen Larraz
Creation and musical performance: Hilario Rodeiro
Assistant to direction and documentation: Bertha Bermúdez
Choreography and performance: Carmen Larraz, Álvaro Copado, Maya Biley, Polina Tiabut, Rafael Arenas.
Performance: Patxi Araujo
Lighting: David Bernués
Wardrobe: Pablo Jaunko

The Dínamo Danza company was created by Carmen Larraz in 2013 as a project for investigation, creation and exchange between professionals from different artistic disciplines, aimed at creating poetry through the body in movement. It has shown its work at several national and international festivals, including Prisma Panamá, Festival Danza Contemporánea de la Universidad Javeriana (Bogota), Mediterranean Dance Centre (Croatia), Dance Week Festival (Jerusalem), Festival DanZ (Civivox Iturrama, Pamplona), De Gira (Navarre) and Vila Real en Dansa (Castellón).