Artistic Mediation Residence

These residencies give non-professional participants the possibility to approach dance from different perspectives.

One of the objectives of the center is to strengthen artistic ties with the local community, as well as to generate new audiences interested in different creative processes.



10 dancers. 2 dice. A space. The possibility of creating when in a locked up.

This film was created during confinement (Covid 19) from March to June 2019. It’s composed of choreographies created in distance by international dancers from La Faktoria Choreographic Center that are based on a game of chance; One die that indicates the different places of the house on it’s faces and another one with movement qualities.

Choreographies (in order of appearance):
Nina Richard
Michèle Benz
Martín Lopéz
Clarissa Costagliola
Hannah Zauner
Emilia Arias
Lucía Burguete
Diego Pazó
Sira Aymerich
Josep Aymerich

Direction: Laida Aldaz Arrieta

Editor: Joaquin Bretón

Music: Luisillo Kalandraka

Coordination: Marta Coronado & Carmen Larraz

Coproducers: La Faktoria Choreographic Center, Zinetika Festival & Danzad Danzad Malditos Festival.

Thanks to Loránd János