In Perspective

It is a multidisciplinary performance based on the encounter between dance, architecture and music, in non-stage spaces. As its name suggests, it plays with perspectives, evoking a cinematographic atmosphere.

It is a unique composition for each place in which it takes place, since the space and the architectural environment are taken into account, to decide where, how and what dance is to be created.

The public walks as the show unfolds, and therefore discovers different dance scenes inspired by the textures, colors, lights, perspectives and other elements that make up the inhabited space. All this is accompanied by live music specially composed for this work, where in addition, the materials of the place contribute different sonorities to the musical composition.

The first two experimentations of this work were carried out with the students of generation 2 and 3 of La Faktoria Choreographice Center, with the choreographic assistance of Olatz Aldasoro and the musicians Luisillo Kalandraka and Iñigo Santamaría.

This project has been developed within the LUR residences of the Faktoria Choreographic Center.

The latest version of this performance will be created within the framework of Zinetika 2022 and will be shown at the festival on November 19 and 20 at the Palacio Condestable in Pamplona, November 26 and 27 at the Euskadi Institute of Architecture in San Sebastián and on December 4 at the Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, within the framework of the TopARTE program and on the occasion of the Museum’s 25th Anniversary.

Photo credits: © Beniamin Boar & Blanca Razquin