+55 Residence

This biannual residency aims to support the creative processes of artists over 55 who are still active. The goal is that their experience, stage presence and creativity continue to receive support.

This idea arises from a conversation with the artist Mark Tompkins who communicated how difficult it is to continue to be supported as an artist as he turns old. In this conversation, the question arises that artists continue to have a creative need until they die and that therefore there must be institutional support for this creativity to continue, for this very reason, La Faktoria CC offers a LUR old emerging artist / +55 residence.

PORTABLE ARTIST by Alicia Otaegui (June 2023)

‘Portable Artist’ is a scenic format that is equivalent to an exhibition project in three dimensions, plus a fourth added: that of the artist who is part of the work itself, trying to break that fourth scenic wall by connecting closely with the audience that attends.

It reflects on the surplus of projects that will hardly see the light of day, the limited time to carry them out, the uncertainty that surrounds many of his creations… Chance is the protagonist of the work and the surprise factor, its main ally.

MASCARADE by Mark Tompkins (November 2021)

‘Mascarade’ deals with the exploration of the body taking as reference the ancient European pagan rites, their traditions and their splendid costumes, related to nature, future harvests, the fertility of the earth, the power to relate to the animality without any prejudice.