+55 residence

This biannual residency aims to support the creative processes of artists over 55 who are still active. The goal is that their experience, stage presence and creativity continue to receive support.

This idea arises from a conversation with the artist Mark Tompkins who communicated how difficult it is to continue to be supported as an artist as he turns old. In this conversation, the question arises that artists continue to have a creative need until they die and that therefore there must be institutional support for this creativity to continue. Mark alluded to the fact that he can no longer apply for aid from (Young emerging artist) but that there should be aid for (old emerging artist) and that is why La Faktoria offers a LUR old emerging artist / +55 residency, for which Mark Tompkins was the first selected artist.

Mark has been carrying out this residency on November with Rafa Jagat, with whom he is creating a duo around the image of  “White Men”.

Mark Tompkins says about the residence: Mascarade is an exploration of the body taking as reference the ancient European pagan rites, their traditions and their splendid costumes, related to nature, future harvests, the fertility of the earth, the power to relate to the animality without any prejudice.

We have stores all this information and taken it as a basis to give a contemporary version of these ancestral customs on the scene.