Creation residence

Every year, at the end of the professional training at La Faktoria Choreographic Center, a creation residency is carried out with a renowned choreographer and/or artist together with the students of the international program of La Faktoria so that they immerse themselves in a creative process and bringing them closer to what will be the reality of their working life. A process where they explore their creative and interpretive capacities.


Nosotrxs of Daniel Abreu“The reasons that revolve around the construction of this work are communication and messages, always with a broad meaning. Every message is interpreted and translated. I am sure that each stroke responds to the shape of our face, our hands and how we feel that we touch or have been touched. Every gesture, every gesture”



NEBULA of Marta Coronado It is an abstraction about the Concept of Space. From microorganisms to the great constellations of the universe. From an Amoeba to a Nebula, from a Nebula to an Amoeba.

The cycle of life as an engine to remind us of the tiny contribution of the human species over time and the great responsibility we have to preserve what we know.


OPEN GATES of Carmen LarrazIt continues the line of choreographic research that I started in the work Elektrical Body, seeking inspiration in the electromagnetic force.

In this creation we focus on the “doors” that we open to direct our intention to the environment, understanding it as a play of energies that sculpts space through movement.


IN PERSPECTIVE of Laida Aldaz : As the public walks, they will find different scenes inspired by the textures, colors, lights, perspectives and other elements that make up this 16th century building.



A show conceived exclusively for this place, a different way of discovering space through dance, where every corner reveals a surprise. 

This program was carried out with the support of the Government of Navarra, Innova Cultural of Fundación Caja Navarra and La Caixa, Casa de Cultura de Villava, Casa de Cultura de Burlada and the Pamplona City Council.