Jordi Vidal

del 27 de mayo al 28 de junio

Choreographer, stage director and performer.
Since 1988 his artistic development has been influenced by Technique, Aspects & Emotional Analysis of Communication on Process, Non-Violent Communication , Ways of Managing Conflicts, AT with the coach-therapist François-Xavier Randour, Limón technique with Michou Swennen, Feldendrais technique with Sylvie Storme, Physiological Chains technique with Alain D’Ursel.
In the past 30 years he is also active as a dance & physical theatre teacher amongst others, at: Summer Studios/Rosas-Parts, ESAC (B); Canaldanse Paris; NRW Tanzhaus Dusseldorf, Tanzfabriek and Dock 11 Berlin.

“Move (the) inside and (the) outside”
Creating in and with public spaces
Dance and physical theatre improvisation and composition workshop. Move and make the environment around us resonate by living it in a new way. Discovering surprising and unusual solutions to obstacles, barriers, architectural constraints so, that they become allies and playing partners.
From each participant’s imagination, this training will be the catalyst for stage arts proposals.
The final action is a presentation / performance in a public space with the proposals of each participant.