Born in 1963 in Switzerland. She studied classical and modern dance in Switzerland and at the Cunningham studios in NYC. As a dancer, teacher and a choreographer she was especially influenced by the collaborations in 1983-89 with Ch-tanztheater Zürich and Tanzfabrik Berlin developing her contact improvisation skills and research. Nicole was director and dancer in her own company “Ljada” in Switzerland (1989-94) and won the first two prizes (Best duet and best choreography) at Suzanne Dellal center 1992 in Tel aviv/ Israel. She currently teaches at ImpulsTanz Festival, University – conservatory Vienna MUK, ZUKT Frankfurt am main and many other institutions. She founded as artistic director three projects with and for elder people; Professional dancers as well as non-professionals 55+ in Switzerland, Austria and Germany. She is a cranio-sacral and osteopathy therapist since 2006. She studied at Kientalerhof Switzerland Biodynamic approach to the body. Studies and practices that influenced her work deeply.

Looking back and ahead

The process into the experienced anatomy starts every day with a physical warm-up which leads us already in a dynamic body travel. We will focus on the connection between the hip joint the pelvis and our face ( mandible and maxilla bones). This sensitive approach helps us to understand how everything is connected and leads us later on into an examination of own subjects in our body as performers.

Anatomic skills are focused in Embryology; to understand the information which shapes our personality and our way to see the world, the way we approach another body and the way we move and dance and perform.
We will visualize several anatomic pictures from bones, ligaments, muscles, fascias, breathing system, organs, blood circulation the production of the liquor spinal cord which is the healing liquid in a dancers body. After a guided exchange of bodywork, the students will research choreographic skills which are inspired by the experiences sensed in the inner spaces of themselves. Fine material will be transported into the space by physical action and movements.