Martin Nachbar

from the 13th till the 24th of May

Martin Nachbar, is a choreographer, teacher and writer in the field of contemporary dance and performance. He is one of 50 dance artists listed by the Goethe-Institut. As dancer and performer, he worked for companies and choreographers such as Les Ballets C. de las B., Vera Mantero, Thomas Lehmen, Jochen Roller and Meg Stuart. Since 2003 he has choreographed 30 small and larger scale pieces such as Urheben Aufheben with a reconstruction by Dore Hoyers Affectos Humanos. With Repeater, he brought family relations with and through movement on to the stage. This duo with his 70year old father toured worldwide.

Since 2008 Martin has been teaching for institutions such as TRINITY LABAN, PARTS, SNDO, SEAD, HZT, FU Berlin und Universit├Ąt Hamburg. He has been sponsored by the Senat of Berlin, the HKF, Kunststiftung NRW a.o.



In my work, I have been combining research interests with a strong attention to the body and its movements. At LA FAKTORIA, we will warm up in the mornings with written as well as improvised exercises to strengthen awareness and the body, tuning ourselves and each other for the work in the afternoon.

In the afternoons, I plan to work on affect and emotion and how they manifest in movement, both as visceral energy and as recognizable form. How can we score, choreograph and improvise through affect and emotion, using dance, voice, writing, drawing and collaging? We will work in solo, duet, trio and ensemble situations, stressing an ethics of mutual support and collaboration and looking for ways to dance and to make dances meaningful to us and others.