Albert Quesada

del 27 de mayo al 28 de junio

He trained at MDT (Amsterdam) and PARTS (Brussels. The exploration and translation of musical structures and compositions into choreography and the invitation of an audience to perceive and to listen to the proposed works, stands at the heart of Quesada’s choreographic work. He holds many artistic projects, both educational and for the stage.

With Katie Vickers he co-directs two educational programs: the Performing Arts Intensive at Mercersburg Academy, and the Practicing Performance / International Dance Festival.

Since 2009 Albert has been dancing with the company ZOO – Thomas Hauert.


We will extract rhythm and qualities from music, we learn a variety of practices, scores and games to exercise our listening in moving. This helps us improve body awareness and the rhythm of improvised material.

Later, our aim will be to support a solo dance with our presence and touch. By understanding the direction of each touch, learning to match the tone received, we can steer the foundation of our balance, by simply changing the muscular tone of the dance. We will do this as a solo, as two, three people, and eventually as a big group.