LA INTRUSA is a contemporary artistic creation company formed in 1996 by Virginia García and Damián Muñoz, creators and artistic directors. They create, direct and produce scenic and audiovisual projects. They combine their own creations with choreographic commissions (Carte Blanche – Norway, Delphi – Mexico, Le Groupe – Ottawa, etc.), theater collaborations and publicity. His teaching work stands out in prestigious schools and national and international choreographic centers. (Dance Theater School, SNDO -Ansterdam, B12- Berlin, EPDM- Mexico, etc.) Their creations have been performed in more than 30 countries. Receives the “National Dance Award 2015”: “His excellence in research in contemporary dance delving into the physicality and scenic poetics so identifying of his work and for his permeability to integrate new artistic languages that contribute to the growth of the scenic fact.”


During the work period we will carry out training focused on improvisation practices, since this will form a fundamental part of the process of creating and representing the piece.

The courage of possibilities is an invitation to get out of our habits, mechanisms and movement patterns that place us in a place of comfort that ends up confining us. Undo the shape that sustains us to build us in a constant transformation. The encounter with a new body, in a new space, which can be reached and chosen among all the possibilities to become everything, what is necessary. How to survive in the conquest of a free body.

Mastering the affects in practice to position consciousness in such a way that it allows the unconscious to cooperate, rather than disturb. The more coherent and alive the degree of bodily freedom put into play, the greater our ability to discover the world around us by creating an enlarged, free, accessible and deeply available body. Recognize that bodies are a default setting and not a destination. That all the intensity and expressiveness accumulates in the folds. Learn to feed on the pulse.

The practice is accompanied at all times by a musical session created in sync with the direction of the training. Hitting search, shape, and state with the intention of creating an energetic, flowing, and motivating environment that helps performers stay focused. Create a unique and inspiring experience.