The Faktoria Choreographic Center began its international program last week. The collective La Veleta, formed by former students of the center, welcomed the new students on Monday 2, with their work in progress of El espacio que (no) habitamos.

The international program will last 38 weeks and will run until June 21, 2024. This course is made up of 31 students from 8 countries and 20 professors under the direction of Laida Aldaz and Marta Coronado. In addition, as a novelty, the program has been diversified into two different groups: on the one hand, the Training program, dedicated to the training of professional dancers; and on the other hand, the Creators program, dedicated to the training of skills in the creative field of dancers.

The international teachers for this course are: Beniamin Boar (Body Weather), Martin Nachbar (Composition), Daniel Abreu (Mover), German Jauregui (Ultima Vez Vocabulary and Partnering), Kate Mawby (Yoga), Laura Aris (Play full body and partnering), Leif Firnhaber (A Bastardised Technique), Mark Tompkins (Instant composition and Site Specific), Nica Berndt Caccivio (Looking back and ahead- Improvisation Research), Thomas Hauert (Improvisation Tools), Vera Mantero (Composition and Interpretation- The Thinking Body), Los Informals (Research lab), Milan Herich (Flying Low), Vittoria De Ferrari (Artylogica Workshop Research) and Helena Lizari (improvisation). In addition, La Faktoria has several teachers from Navarre: Akira Yoshida (Floor work), Carmen Larraz (Research), Joseba Yerro Izaguirre (Improvisation, Contemporary Technique) and Laura Armendariz (Ballet).