La Faktoria Choreographic Center will host Helena Lizari and Gabriel Schmitz from September 18 to develop Residency 7, which will end with an open showing to the public on September 29 in the same center.

During their stay at La Faktoria Choreographic Center, Lizari and Schmitz will work on BRUTIFUL, a transdisciplinary research and reflection project on the possible relationships and interactions between movement, drawing and stage space, expressed through light and sound, as action. to catch an emotional time. In the words of the artists: “it is an internal dialogue of a body and its projection, built from drawing. The purpose of BRUTIFUL is the search for new artistic formats through collaboration and exchange between artists from different disciplines.

With residency 7, the Faktoria Choreographic Center will offer both artists a space to develop their activity, artistic accompaniment, production advice, accommodation, financial support of €2,000 and contacts with local and international networks.