Daniel Abreu, is a dancer and choreographer, based in Madrid and graduated in Psychology from the UNED. He receives the 2014 National Dance Award in the creation category.
He runs his own company founded in 2004 in Madrid. Since then he has created more than sixty choreographic works presented at various national and international Festivals, as well as various collaborations with other creators and companies with creation projects, assistant directors or training.
He worked for companies such as Provisional Danza, Matarile Teatro, Lanónima Imperial, Teatro Cuarta Pared y Cía. Marina Wainer among others.
He has taught classes and courses in various theaters, festivals and training centers in Europe, Asia and America, focusing on the body from technique and expressiveness.
Daniel Abreu focuses his teaching process on the body for the appropriate use from physical knowledge, its limits and possibilities. Still working from formal dance, he approaches the structure of the directed and supported body, the gestural and moving body. And all this while dancing.
We will take advantage of the knowledge to deepen the structure of the body and its mobility. Cellular consciousness, body structure, supports, weight, impulse, direction, projection… Technique as an integrating instrument of the body that communicates, a body with consciousness.
Through the construction of choreographic sequences, improvisation patterns, games, group dynamics and notes, we feel and collect what makes us move more freely and directed.