Is a Romanian artist living in Belgium. He is working in the performing arts as dancer and choreographer. In the past years he has been working with companies as Rosas, Charleroi Danses, Les Ballets C de la B. In the performing arts he is working with Alexandra Pirici , Manuel Pelmus in exhibitions at Venice Biennale/Romanian Pavillion, Centre Pompidou, Skulptur Projecten Munster, BMW TATE LIVE at TATE Modern, Van Abbemuseum. The visual and esthetical sense involved in the performing arts naturally lead him to amplify and develop his passion towards photography. He is currently studying photography at Rhok Academy Etterbeek in Brussels.

Body weather

Body Weather is a japanese butoh training exercises that combines various styles and ways of moving. I am interested in challenging people’s dynamics, coordination, the muscles and bones structure, and ability of doing more things at the same time using the anatomic intelligence of the body, an exploration into new perspectives, the way body and mind functions.

Finding the right balance between physical strength and momentum in our dancing is one of the challenges this class is proposing. Learning to coordinate our body to move faster, lighter and getting our breathing up to speed. How we can develop our awareness and control over what we think we are doing and what really happens? Throughout dance phrases, improvisation and floor material we will apply our knowledge and exceed into fabulous dancing.