Photo: Beniamin Boar


La Faktoria offers an intensive training programme headed by leading contemporary dance professionals. The programme will last for a year, although the initial 6-month training will begin in January 2019.


Laura Aris

from the 7th till the 18th of January
Partnering work / Ultima Vez vocabulary

Laida Aldaz

from the 11th till the 14th of February and from the 6th till the 10th of May
Transformative Floorwork & partnering
Site Specific, City in Creation

Isael Mata

from the 25th of March till the 5th of April
Flying in to the gravity skills

Alix Eynaudi

from the 21st till 25th of January
Friends in action

José Agudo

from the 18th of February till the 1st of March
Attack Release – Flamenco Roots

Marta Coronado

from 22nd of April till the 3rd of May
Tec. Release
Tools for a thinking body composition

Roberto Magro

from the 27th of May till the 28th of June
Creación de una Obra

Carmen Larraz

from the 28th of January till the 8th of February
Technical class / improvisation

Judith Sánchez

from the 11th till 22nd of March
Functionality and Perspective in Dance
“Your Own God” Improvisation

Martin Nachbar

from the 13th till the 24th of May
Composition – Physical dramaturgy